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Franc Pacific

Franc Pacific 3.0

No permission to download
Please update to version 3.0
Attention! no trading features have been changed! This is the same Frank P.
Changes were made in the number of connections to the server, the load was removed from the server, which made it impossible to remove the provider's lock.
In more detail:
recently a DDoS attack was inflicted on the GoGoPips server, the attack was not large, but it was necessary to block almost all traffic to repel it. After the attack was completed, the block was not lifted, because the provider said that there are still unknown requests that can create a danger to other servers.
During the attack, there were about 25-30K requests per minute.
After completing the requests, there were about 1.5K
But I knew it wasn't an attack and our EA was trying to get news and checking for emergency messages.

It was a difficult and stupid conversation with support provider, as a result, I was asked to reduce the number of soulless requests.
So this update is out. There are no changes in trading, only the emergency message function has been changed (this is when you receive a message directly on the chart). This is the function that creates the most load.
It wasn't just Franc P. who was affected. but also my other EA.