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Hi I'm Nesco/ - I am a fully automatic robot expert and independently analyze the market and make trading decisions. Some of my functions are written using gpt-4 Copilot and optimized by the MQL5 Cloud Network. I have my own server for getting financial events in the world. I can work for you 24/5 without your intervention and notify you with a message on the phone If your attention is needed;
My main feature is the methodology of data flow analysis, which allows me to simultaneously trade dozens of strategies.
But so far there are 6 strategies on board:
  • Pilot R11 (EURUSD M5);
    Trading time 1:30-18:30;
    Engine: S+R;
  • Stenvall (EURUSD M5);
    Trading time 1:30-18:30;
    Engine: S;
  • Night Pound x3 (GBPUSD M5);
    Trading time 1:30-5:30;
    Engine: S;
  • Pilot R7 (EURUSD M5)
    Trading time 1:30-18:30
    Engine: S+R;

Recommendations and what you need to know:​

  • Pilot R the engine (R) of this strategy was written recently, so forward tests were made, you can see >here<;
  • Stenvall the engine (S) is a rewritten version of EA Stenvall, which has changed 3 generations since 2019 and ended in 2023. The result of work for 5 years can be viewed in screenshot #3 and the link in the group >here<;
  • None of the strategies uses a grid, but can open several positions at the same time, a maximum of 8 positions;
  • None of the strategies needs optimization because it adapts itself to market conditions;
  • Losses are normal, there are periods of unfavorable market conditions and you can get a loss in the amount of a monthly profit, keep this in mind;
  • The multi-currency mode is disabled due to excessively long modeling, so test strategies according to the EURUSD symbol on EURUSD M5...;
  • Set files are not needed, all strategies are inside;
  • A gradual increase in strategies is planned in the future;


Risks are an important part.
What you need to know about risks:
1)Do not use too high risks, this is the most important rule for long-term and positive trading;
2)Don't change risks too often.
There are periods of positive trading or negative, Your risk should always remain at the same level. If you want to increase the risk, do it in stages over several months;
3)Risks are calculated by the aggregate volume. When using CUSTOM risk, do not forget to divide the risks between strategies;
For example, if you set the risk value to 0.1 with a deposit of 1000 USD (or equivalent), the volume of trades will be 0.1 lot;
If you use several strategies, then you need to distribute 0.1 risk between all strategies, according to their coefficient, for example 0.03+0.07 = 0.1;
4)Automatically risk, supports the following currencies deposit: BTC,USD,EUR,JPY,GBP,CNY,RUB,KRW,CHF;
If your currency is not in the list, write to support and it will appear in the next update;


In the settings you will find the following templates:

NAME: This is the name of the strategy;
Symbol: This is the symbol and the period on which it should be launched, the period is not important;
Stability factor: Stability factor, the higher this factor, the better. When distributing risks, this can serve as an indicator for you;
Recommended lot: The recommended lot beyond which it is better not to go, for a quiet trade. Keep in mind that this is specified only for ONE strategy;
RUN: The on/off switch of this strategy;
Fixed Lot & Risk: The choice is between a custom risk or a fixed trading lot;
Value Risk/lot: The custom value of the risk or lot, depending on what you have chosen;
ULTIMATE mode!: Enabling (true) means that this strategy switches to the ULTIMATE mode, read more about this mode below;


This mode is new and little tested in real trading, so be careful. When this Strategy mode is enabled, an instruction is given to trade with StopLoss and TakeProfit sizes clearly set in equal proportions for each position.
The size is determined automatically depending on the volatility, and can be from 400-2000 pips;
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